An inter-cultural brand



Over the centuries fashion and accessories have been elements that generate personal and collective identity, among other things. Waissö expresses the fusion of different cultures through the symbolism in each of the textile elements as well as in the costume jewelry in each collection.

My designs are modern and inspired by African culture. In each collection I am inspired by elements and forms that are part of the great cultural richness of African continent and its people. I do not make an exact reproduction of the pieces, but I do my own interpretation and merge it with current trends in western fashion and jewelry.

An inter-cultural brand

Defending tolerance and respect. Waissö is a fashion and jewelry brand inspired by the diversity of African culture, with origins in Equatorial Guinea. We look for multicultural women who are in love with their personality. Our brand promotes tolerance, respect, and coexistence between different cultures.

Handmade with love

Waissö costume jewelry is handcrafted in Spain by me and not mass-produced. We take maximum care in each step of its preparation. From the design, the choice of materials, the creation and the final delivery are all carefully overseen to the smallest detail to offer an experience and product of the highest quality. With the purchase all materials from local stores, we thus support local commerce helping to stimulate the near economy, which has been so affected recently.

Our textile collections are produced in Spain and in Asia. I am a textile engineer with over 12 years of experience in the textile sector as responsible for production and quality. I have visited factories in Asia, North Africa and Europe; I only collaborate with trustworthy workshops where I can guarantee that the workers are offered decent conditions.

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