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Waissö is fashion and accessories. A fusion between the African and the Western. The origin of this fusion stems from its creator, Verónica Bosio, a fashion designer. Born in Equatorial Guinea but raised in Barcelona, she has always had that mixture of influences in her personal and professional career, which she transmits in the creation of the Waissö brand. The result is an original, unique, and unrepeatable design. In addition, she does it from vindication and social commitment, giving visibility to black women, freeing them from gender and race stereotypes.

Waissö is fusion because it mixes concepts that contrast at first sight but blend together. A fusion of the traditional with the current through elements such as materials, design, or colour. The latter is a very important component in the brand; the brushstroke of African colour in western fashion illuminates, heightens, and looks good on any skin type.

The process of creating all the products is taken care of down to the smallest detail and is made by hand with the best quality. In addition, the materials are personally chosen by the designer and creator of the brand, favouring local businesses and the local economy.

Waissö is committed to the role of women in society. In fact, Waissö means woman in the Bubi language. A woman with her feet on the ground who does not dream of changing the world but prefers to contribute her grain of sand day after day. A real woman, with her virtues and defects, who is sometimes right and sometimes not, but who always prefers to take risks, and that already makes her a winner. She is a ground-breaking and assertive woman both in the wayshe thinks and in the way she dresses. She wants her values to be made visible and fights for her rights.

Waissö is fusion. A powerful fusion that unites and adds, creating a high-quality result.

Our raison d’être

Waissö was born in 2017 with the intention of honouring the origin of a story. The story of Verónica Bosio, its creator and designer. Of Guinean origin but raised in Barcelona, Verónica is a textile engineer and has worked for 15 years as head of production and quality in multinational companies. She became aware of the glass ceilings she encountered Throughout her career simply because she was a black woman. Tired of the lack of opportunities and poor representation of African models and designers in the fashion world, she decided to jump in the fray by creating her own project, Waissö. Since then, she has been sowing her way to become the voice of her culture with pride and firmness, and her brand is a living example of this.

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