Gold-plated brass mesh earring, and cowries.

The Kisai earrings are inspired by the 80s. Its shape and grid pattern allow adding cascade-shaped cowries that give it a very elegant and exclusive look.

Cowries are molluscs from the Indian and Pacific Oceans that were introduced to Africa in the 15th century. For centuries they were used as currency in some parts of Africa, China, and India until at the end of the 19th century, the colonial powers prohibited their use, thus avoiding a conflict with their national currencies.

Cowries are smooth on one side and oval on the other. They are white, beige, or grey, depending on the species. For a long time, its symbolism was associated with wealth, social status and belonging to a clan. Today they are still very present in African culture and one of their associations is with fertility, among others.

For Waissö, Kisai earrings have great symbolism, not only in an identity level, but also in an aesthetic one. Its mesh surface reminds us of the 80s and the cascading cowries are perfect to combine with a casual, chic, or elegant look.

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